With Toiture MR’s ventilation experts, you are assured of optimal ventilation of your roof while respecting your budget.

Is your roof lacking air?

Your roof’s durability is linked directly to your structure’s ventilation.

Our custom roof ventilation service guarantees maximum optimized ventilation while respecting your budget.

Reasons to ventilate your roof :

  • Reduce mould growth under shingles and in the attic, including condensation on the roof covering
  • Reduce electricity costs, including air conditioning bills in the summer
  • Reduce the likelihood of long-term damage, including the formation of ice damming
  • Extend the life of your roofing components and your shingles

Lack of ventilation can lead to a multitude of problems, including :

    • Ice accumulation
    • Condensation on the window
    • Premature aging of the roof
    • Frost in the attic
    • Mould on the structure
    • Roof too hot

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IMPORTANT: Adequate ventilation is a requirement of the National Building Code of Canada.

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