Fascia and Soffits

Fascia and soffits are important parts of your property and help protect it from the vagaries of the weather. Call the professionals at Toiture MR.

What is a soffit?

Soffits are essential components of your roof. They are located under the edge of your roof and are not installed by length, but cut and laid side by side. Perforated to let air in, ventilated soffits are used for sloped roofs. Their full potential is reached at entrances and exits. Soffits have three main functions: ventilation, protection and aesthetics.

The 3 functions of a soffit


1/ Ventilation

Soffits ventilate your building, allowing good air circulation in your attic. In the winter, they prevent humidity build-up when the temperature is high inside the house. This reduces the risk of mould in your roof. Soffits also help reduce the build-up of ice under the roof and the risk of damage. In the summer, your air conditioner will be more efficient. Good ventilation benefits you all year.

2/ Protection

Soffits, mainly the eave structure, protect your home against the weather. Soffit installation is essential to avoid water infiltration, or invasions of animals and insects. Ultimately, it’s best to choose a solid and rigid material to ensure you are protected for many years.

3/ Aesthetics

Though primarily used for their functionality, soffits also enhance your home’s look. A house without soffits looks like the construction is unfinished.

Traditional soffits are generally made of aluminum and available in several colours, which will allow you to match your home.

What is a fascia?

Fascia is an architectural term for the vertical frieze or the outer edge of the roof over the outside of the cornice. This part of the roof works in tandem with the soffits, aiming for good ventilation and prevention of water infiltration. Normally between 4 and 6 inches in size, the fascia is located behind the gutters.

Proper maintenance of soffits and fascia

The best way to maintain soffits and fasciae is to clean the gutters first, because they usually accumulate a lot of dirt. Next, make sure that there are no damages, holes or rust. It’s critical that no small creatures decide to nest in your home’s soffits.

It’s important to inspect your soffits and fasciae regularly. If they show signs of imperfection, wear, and you believe they should be replaced, contact us for a free evaluation.

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