Snow and ice removal

Grâce à notre équipe expérimentée, chez Toiture MR, nous déblayons soigneusement la neige et la glace de chaque toiture, en prenant soin de ne pas l’endommager

Why remove snow from your roof?

In the winter, heavy snow and ice accumulation on the roof can be very dangerous and cause problems, including:

  • Drainage restriction or obstruction of gutters, causing overflow or water accumulation around the roof (or edges)
  • Overflow water penetration, a situation that will cause serious interior damages
  • Dangerous falling ice and snow
  • Causing cracks in the roofing and allowing water to penetrate, which causes bad damage
  • Roof sagging that will require costly repairs
  • Extreme, excessive accumulation of heavy snow and ice could cause the roof to collapse

When should you remove snow or ice?

First, please note that the older the roof, the greater the risk of collapse under the weight of heavy, wet snow and ice. Other signs of emergency roof removal are:

  • A strong sewage smell inside
  • Opening and closing the front door is more difficult – caused by added pressure from the roof
  • Cracking sounds coming from the building structure

Should you clear the snow yourself?

To maximize safety, it’s recommended you hire experts such as Toiture MR to remove the snow from your roof. Inexperienced people who are not sufficiently protected or who do not have the right tools can injure themselves and damage the roof.

Do not take unnecessary risks: Call the professionals of Toiture MR.

Thanks to our experienced team, at Toiture MR, we carefully clear snow and ice from each roof, taking care not to damage it.

In addition, we always ensure that a safe zone is established on the ground to protect the physical integrity of passers-by.

Contact the Toiture MR team to remove snow from your roof and have a peaceful winter!

By phone 438 395-0297 or by completing our contact form.

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