Roof Inspection

It’s no secret that your roof should be inspected regularly – at least once a year (in the fall or spring).

Inspection of your roof

We conduct standard and thermographic inspections that focus on the problematic parts of your roof to avoid larger repair jobs. Afterwards, we provide a detailed report with which you can make an informed decision.

Our goal is to meet your needs. After the report and free estimate, you can plan the work and your budget.

Regular inspections are essential to maximize your roof’s life.

Our experts inspect to detect obvious problems, but also to identify any risk elements. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial building, we guarantee transparency with our inspection report. All the solutions our experts offer are designed to maximize your roof’s life without compromising your budget. In the long run, regular inspections and repairs can save you a lot of money and delay the need for a new roof.

After the visual inspection of your roof, we will provide you with a detailed report including:

  • Overall photos of the roof
  • Photos showing defects and locations
  • List of works to correct the problems
  • Estimates related to the various jobs

After receiving the estimate, you can decide to repair all or just some of the defects. We will adapt to your needs and your budget.

When’s the best time to have your roof inspected?

Generally, it’s recommended to inspect a roof at least once a year in the fall or spring. During the inspection, our experts look for problems that could worsen in heavy precipitation or snow. Then they will provide options depending on your needs and budget.

Trust our experts to inspect your roof

After more than two decades in the business, we focus on quality. Some of our roofers have nearly 20 years of experience. Whether you own a residential, commercial, or industrial building, and want to assure that the roof is weather-resistant, you can trust Toiture MR’s experts for the right answers.

Need a free estimate?

Whether for a new roof, repair, maintenance or a new gutter, we will respond as soon as possible.

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